I worked with Hilary over five years. Hilary is one of those rare people you know is going to get the task done.  Someone who’s not satisfied unless she has achieved what she said she would.  A person that’s focused not just on that task at hand, but has a real concern for the people affected. She not only acts, she listens.  She understands how to make politics work for the citizen.  She will make an excellent representative for the people of Victoria.
Lord Teverson
Member of the House of Lords, former Member of the European Parliament.

Hilary Groos has demonstrated a vision for Victoria that will position the city for the 21st century, creating a sustainable economy that provides well-paying and meaningful jobs. As the CEO of an emerging technology company, I support that vision and know that Hilary is the person to bring the changes needed to realize it.
Murray Galbraith
CEO, Youneeq

I am confident in recommending Hilary Groos to you as a candidate for councillor in  the City of Victoria. Hilary grew up in Victoria in a family committed to public service. Then she had the spunk to leave her comfortable environment to explore other parts of the world and work for significant international organizations. She has proven to be a good problem solver because she combines an open mind with common sense and an ability to listen, plus is techno savvy and efficient. A capable principled woman of strength and compassion, ready to address complex issues and find affordable solutions. Just what we need!
Janet M. Baird
Former Victoria City Councillor

I have known Hilary all my life as we grew up together almost as siblings. I am throwing my full weight of support behind Hilary’s candidacy as I believe and know that she will make an outstanding councilwoman for the City of Victoria. She is intelligent, hardworking and articulate but above all possesses integrity. Furthermore, she has an immense knowledge of such matters on the international stage, a highly-valued perspective in local politics.
Sam Gudewill
President, Innovex Equities Corporation

Greater Victoria needs new faces and new ideas.  Hilary Groos knows the city and will be a strong voice for sensible, cost-conscious control of City Hall extravagance. You can vote for eight city councillors in Victoria–keep one for Hilary Groos, and for value-for-taxes control of expenditures at City Hall.
David Anderson, PC OC
Member of Parliament for Victoria (1993-2006)

I support Hilary Groos for City Councillor because she is extremely competent, will communicate and cares about Victoria. Hilary understands this city.  Together with her family, they are long time supporters of our cultural community and their continued contribution is highly valued. Above all, Hilary understands that the arts contribute to our economy, create 21st century jobs, attract tourism and above all, enhance our quality of life.
W. Paterson Ferns, C.M.
President, Ferns Productions Inc.

I know Hilary from her time as a Director on Board of the Garth Homer Society. During her tenure on the board, Hilary brought to bear a very practical, pragmatic approach to sometimes difficult issues, and a clear and steady commitment to community betterment. I am am confident that she will bring these same qualities to the good work that she will do as a Victoria City Councillor.
Mitchell Temkin
CEO, The Garth Homer Society