Thanks to each and every one of you who have made this campaign possible. It may “Take a Village” but in my case, it has taken my family, friends old & new, volunteers, social media expertise, strangers and most importantly, YOU the voters who voted for me.

This campaign has been one of my life’s great experiences. That I have not won a seat is, to say the least, disappointing. It has shown however, that despite not having the support of a party or union who hand out lists of who to vote for, nor having the name recognition of being an incumbent, I did extremely well. More importantly, regardless of the area – whether James Bay, Burnside, Fernwood, Jubilee, Rockland etc., the voters consistently gave me the same percentage of their vote. This indicates that my support crosses party lines. Nevertheless, what I will never forget is your belief in my ability to win and this alone was worth every effort to stand as a candidate towards trying to change our city for the better. It has been an honor and once again, I thank you all.


Vote for Change. Vote for Different. Vote Hilary Groos

Hilary Groos = A Change for the Better